Objectives are so last season.

Okay, I realize that this might be blasphemy for most of us.  In fact, it hurt me a little to even write that. But I’ve read a few things lately, that have me asking the question: should objectives really be the foundation of the courses we develop?

Earlier today, I came across a website, Expert Enough, and promptly spent almost two hours reading through the various posts.  What kept catching my eye was their manifesto. Agile has a manifesto too.

What if every one of our courses started by the team developing their declaration of principles and intent? Can you imagine what the course might actually accomplish if the manifesto becomes the guiding light for the team as they work through the ups and downs of the project.

Of course we’d still have objectives.  They’d provide the necessary structure and behavioral outcomes.  But they would also be measured against that manifesto. Everything can be measured against whether it furthers the team to deliver on their manifesto.

Think of the buy in all team members would feel since they contributed in developing the manifesto. Think about the disagreements this would potentially avoided or quickly addressed since everyone is committed to the manifesto. Think about how smoothly design reviews, every review, would go since the materials were built supporting the manifesto.

I just might see if I can sneak a manifesto into my next kick-off meeting or design document.

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